Friday, January 7, 2011

Worst Films of 2010: Death of the Screenwriter, rise of the Studio Director.

2010 marked another year of bad cinema. Remakes, reboots, sequels and bad adaptations filled the screens once again from the dream factory to the south. How long will it take before the Hollywood studios collapse from mediocrity? Every year the craft of screenwriting loses it's strength while the rise of the uninspired director gains more ground. My guess is that HBO, AMC and FX offer too much creative expression to the behind the camera talent for them to journey across the street to the big screen. This all makes me think of Barton Fink.

Not is all bad through, there were some great indie and foreign films this year. But that will be another post coming soon: my picks for the best of 2010 in cinema. In the mean time here are the worst of the worst for 2010.

*Note: These are only the movies I have seen, i know there are lots more that are probably worse. Yes i am pointing at you M. Night Shyamaladingdong.

1. Tron Legacy - Director: Joseph Kosinski - Walt Disney Pictures

I just saw this tonight. I was planning on passing on this movie all together, but they put in those new D-Box seats at the Paramount and i was very curious to try them out and the only movie with them was Tron. Well I am $25 lighter and the seats didn't help one of the most boring movies of the year. ZZZZZ.

2. Jonah Hex - Director: Jimmy Hayward - Warner Brothers

What do you expect from the writers of Crank and the director of Horton Hears A Who. Brolin and Malkovich couldn't save this turd.

3. Iron Man 2 - Director: Jon Favreau - Paramount Pictures

No tension, no excitement, no fun. Doesn't anyone write good scripts anymore?

4. The Wolfman - Director: Joe Johnston - Universal Pictures

Just look at director Johnston's filmography. How is this guy still making movies?! Even editing master Walter Murch couldn't save this one.

5. The A Team - Director: Joe Carnahan - Twentieth Century Fox

Staring the overrated Bradley Cooper and based on a show that i though was cool when i was 10. Over the top and stupidly outrageous. The tank/parachute scene alone is worth beating the makers of this movie with a dull axe.

6. The Losers - Director: Sylvain White - DC Entertainment

From the director of Stomp The Yard and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, need i say more. Yes i do, as bad as a movie about the same thing, The A Team.

7. A Nightmare On Elm Street - Director: Samuel Bayer - New Line Cinema

Produced by the Hollywood devil, Michael Bay, this remake of the Wes Craven's creepy 1984 film is the exact opposite. No scares, no atmosphere, no horror. This played more like one of those scary movie parodies.

8. MacGruber - Director: Jorma Taccone - Relativity Media

I chuckled maybe twice while watching the feature length version of a one act skit from SNL that was only funny the first time. The only SNL skit that has crossed over to feature length that is worth your time is The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World.

9. Kick Ass - Director: Matthew Vaughn - Marv Films

What kind of movie was this suppose to be? All over the map. It felt like there was more than 1 director behind the camera. It could of been a good little movie about the deconstruction of superheros, but that wouldn't make money. Dark Knight anyone?

10. Shrek: Forever After - Director: Mike Mitchell - Dreamworks

Was this necessary?????

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